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Let's do a quick update.
Saturday went to a lame Christmas get together with the wife.
Got a little drunk, but not too much.
I think I had a total of 5 drinks altogether.
I'm not a really heavy drinker..in fact, I'm the picture of a social drinker.
Woke up on Sunday without a hangover, but felt especially groggy all day.
Obviously a byproduct of the festivities the night before.
Spent all day Sunday lounging around watching football.
I find my social life becoming far more active than usual.
Perhaps it's a result of living in the city again and becoming more available for other people to socialize with
We're in a far more centralized location..
While listening to my local NPR station this morning,I heard one of my true enemies in life doing a promo for his show called "The Power of Voice" that airs tonight at 8 o'clock.
He's going to be taking calls about what people's best decision ever in life was.
The question I ask myself is how often do you get a chance to humiliate one of your all-time enemies on the radio?
This is going to be so fun when I call him tonight.
Audio to come :)
I went to high school with the guy and used to be friends with him, but after a few occasions of getting dissed by him, I decided to make his phony, bitch ass one of my antagonists.
I think the mellow nature of NPR will be shattered by some true radio anarchy.
I know for a fact they don't have a seven second delay there, so I will definitely let the word "fuck" slip so it gets on the air.
I'm sure he'll recognize my voice as my voice is a truly unique one, but the damage will have already been done.
I just need to formulate a good strategy about what I'll actually say.

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