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I urge all of you who accept government as a necessary evil to consider the psychological ramifications.

You are saying to yourself, "I am subservient. My own life has so little value that I need others to control it. I don't need freedom because I cannot trust my own instincts and problem solving abilities."

You are thus sacrificing self-esteem for the esteem of mortals who believe they possess divine right of kings. You are bending the knee in the belief that others should hold your hand from cradle to grave, as if you were a perpetual child.

Your belief in rulers has kept you stuck within an earlier developmental stage. You have not come to terms with childhood impulses and the shock of authority on the system. Thus, you remain hitched to the notion that violent parents are always needed. You have not overcome the essential crisis of trust versus mistrust. Paradoxically, your heart tells you to mistrust all authority, but in a confused act of desperation you continue to trust all people who represent authority. And you battle this trauma throughout life.

It is a tragic scenario based on the dysfunctional abuse we all suffered; but if you consider this truth, it may allow you to break free and grow into the adulthood of anarchism.

I realize this is painful and humiliating to hear, because I suffered this psychological battle of anarchism versus familial servitude. And so I am not trying to be ugly. I just want to help everyone overcome the immaturity and cultural dogmas about authority. For humanity to progress, we must all grow. We must all change.

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